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About KernBHRS

A Message from our Director

Director, Stacy Kuwahara

Stacy Kuwahara


Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services

Welcome. Whether you are here to find out information about services available in our community, opportunities to participate and be of service to our community, or if you are in need of services, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for.


Taking the first steps to ask for help for yourself or for your loved ones can be a big step. KernBHRS and our providers are here to support you on your journey to find hope, healing and recovery as you walk this path. Hope and big dreams are at the heart of our vision to ensure we are meeting you, where you are, to provide for you when you need it.


“There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t.”

― John Green

Hope. Healing. Life.

Regardless of whatever struggles a person is facing in their life, restoring their hope is at the heart
of everything that Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services (KernBHRS) does for its clients. We
believe that a person working through mental illness or addiction can recover and thrive, and create
opportunities for themselves to learn, grow and contribute to their community.

KernBHRS serves as the “Mental Health Plan” for Kern County, which means that we are contracted
through the State to be the managed care entity for Medi-Cal beneficiaries in Kern. Our department
manages all Medi-Cal specialty mental health and substance use Medi-Cal services. Through our staff
and network of providers, we provide needed behavioral health and substance use disorder services to
children and adults countywide.

Each client’s situation is unique. That also means their recovery looks and means something different
to them. Whatever goals a client wants to achieve, our staff is trained and supportive throughout the
process. Staff will work in partnership with each client to build and implement a successful treatment
plan tailored to their individual behavioral health or substance use disorder needs.

KernBHRS is also active within the community. From participating in community events to hosting
stakeholder’s meetings, we believe it is our duty and responsibility to reduce the stigma surrounding
mental illness and substance use and showcase amazing stories of recovery that are happening every
day in our community.

Our Mission
Working together to achieve hope, healing and a meaningful life in the community.

Our Vision

People with mental illness and addictions recover to achieve their hopes and dreams as well as enjoy
opportunities to learn, work, and contribute to their community.

Recovery Values 
Hope, Healing, Community, Authority

  • We honor the potential in everyone

  • We value the whole person – mind, body and spirit

  • We focus on the person, not the illness

  • We embrace diversity and cultural competence

  • We acknowledge that relapse is not a personal failure

  • We recognize authority over our lives empowers us to make choices, solve problems and plan for the future

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