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Program Descriptions

Youth Wraparound 

The purpose of Youth Wraparound is to triage acute, high-risk, and post-crisis youth in order to ensure rapid access to specialty mental health services or the intensification of existing services.


Specialty services include but are not limited to:

  • Screenings

  • Mental health assessment

  • Treatment planning

  • Individual and family psychotherapy

  • Co-occurring coordinated services

  • Mental health groups

  • Case management

  • In-home behavioral services

  • Intensive care coordination

  • Therapeutic behavioral services

  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication support

Our goals include providing comprehensive community based care to children and their families, ensuring children remain in their home with their natural support system and receive services that compliment success. For more information, click here.

Juvenile Probation Psychiatric Services 

The Juvenile Probation Psychiatric Services (JPPS) team is located within the James G. Bowles Juvenile Hall facility. Mental Health and supportive services are offered to incarcerated youth, providing them with crisis interventions, psychiatric/medication services, individual/family therapy and group therapy services.

Upon release from Juvenile Hall, linkage services are provided to assist our youth and families. This provides specialty mental health services, that help to address emotional/behavioral/psychological factors that  will aid them in a successful transition back to their home, school, and community. For more information, click here.

Blanton Academy

Blanton Academy serves probation youth who have been court ordered for mental health services. We have a therapist and substance abuse specialist on site who provide individual, family, crises, co-occurring, case management and group services. A psychiatrist serves youth there once a week.  High risk youth may also be served by MIST in order to intensify services. Also when youth complete Blanton they may be referred to MIST for continued service.

Youth Wraparnd
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