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Woman holding groceries and arm of senior woman

Building and maintaining relationships with family and friends is critical to a person’s overall well-being. However, this can be a challenge for some seniors due to isolation or limited support systems.
That’s where the Volunteer Senior Outreach Program (VSOP) steps in.

How we help

This outreach program provides socialization and stimulation to individuals who are isolated and alone. The program utilizes community volunteers to make regular contact with this specific population and act as advocates on their behalf.

Receiving services through VSOP

To connect to services through VSOP, a person must be 60 years old AND

  • Homebound or isolated

  • In a fragile physical and/or mental state

  • In need of social support

  • Experiencing loss of loved ones and/or grief

  • Suicidal or depressed

  • Having issues controlling alcohol and/or substance use

  • Would benefit from a mental health screening or socialization with peers

Woman carrying groceries and holding arm of senior woman

Contact us

To receive services in the
Kern River Valley,
 (760) 379-3412 

To receive services in Bakersfield, call
Lourdes Garcia at 661-868-5021   

To receive services in Tehachapi,

Volunteer Opportunities!

VSOP uses individuals like you to provide support and companionship to adults over 60. Volunteer duties include:

  • Socialize with seniors in their homes

  • Provide support, companionship and encouragement

  • Act as an advocate

  • Assist seniors with achieving their goals

  • Communicate as part of a team

  • Attend meetings and trainings to gain new skills

  • Participate in community outreach events

For more information, contact Lourdes Garcia at 661-868-5021 or email

Flyer for those considering volunteering
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