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The Adults System of Care at KernBHRS is dedicated to helping individuals in our community connect to needed behavioral health treatment and other resources to help set them on the path to recovery.

Find Adult Services Near You

Use the map below to find service locations near you.  You can use the search bar and search by radius. Click on the location for more information and directions.

Adult System of Care

Each population center in Kern County has a geographically located service provider with resources to provide a wide range of behavioral health services.  These services may include:

  • Medication

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Rehabilitation and recovery services

  • Access to needed resources

  • Family counseling

  • And a variety of diagnostic and advocacy services 

All of these services are provided in the community near where you live.  These are the services that the Kern County MHP thinks are most likely to help people who need services from us. Sometimes other services may be needed, they will be provided based on individual needs. 

If you need immediate care for an adult, contact our

24-hour Crisis Hotline: 988

A Highlight on Assisted Outpatient Treatment 

Check out our two-part family orientation town halls on what to expect when a loved one is in an inpatient facility and what to expect after they are discharged.

Assisted Outpatient Treatment 661-529-5526

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