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Getting Started With Treatment

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On behalf of Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and our substance abuse treatment provider community, We welcome you to theses pages where you will be able to access information about the impact of drug and alcohol use on our communities. 


We also provide you with information about resources available to help those in our community who are affected by drug and alcohol use. 


We do believe that drug addiction is treatable and we promote the use of interventions that have proven to work at reducing or eliminating substance use.


We also believe that drug use is preventable and you will learn about community efforts that seek to prevent drug use by presenting opportunities for youth to engage in peer directed, productive activities.


At Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, we understand the complexities of substance use problems among youth and adults. Dealing with these is not easy, but there are people who can and know how to help. We hope that you will find information that is useful in answering some of your questions and that you will feel free to contact us if you need additional help. 

Substance Use Disorder Providers

Did you Know? Treatment priority is given to
pregnant and/or parenting clients.


¿Sabia Usted?  Se da prioridad de tratamiento a
clientes o solicitantes embarazadas y/o clientes con

Beneficiary Informing Materials for DMC-ODS

DMC-ODS Member Handbook - English

DMC-ODS Member Handbook - English Large Font

DMC-ODS Member Handbook - Spanish

DMC-ODS Member Handbook - Spanish Large Font

DMC-ODS Provider Directory - English

DMC-ODS Provider Directory - English Large Font

DMC-ODS Provider Directory - Spanish

DMC-ODS Provider Directory - Spanish Large Font

DMC-ODS Beneficiary Handbook - Audio

DMC-ODS Practice Guidelines

HIV and Tuberculosis Resources

HIV Info - English & Spanish

Tuberculosis Fact Sheet - English

Tuberculosis Fact Sheet - Spanish

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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