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A person’s recovery journey doesn’t end when treatment stops. As a person works to rebuild their life after completing treatment, KernBHRS is here to provide extra support through its Recover, Inspire, Support & Empower team

How We Help

Once a person starts substance use treatment, they are also assigned to the RISE team. Whatever a person’s recovery looks like, the team’s dedicated staff is right there to support and empower a client throughout their treatment. RISE serves both youth and adults living in the metro Bakersfield area, and helps connect them to resources and services that they may need as they recover. 

Services Provided

Case Management Services: Referral and linkage to needed medical, educational, social, prevocational, vocational, rehabilitative or other community services. 

  • These services focus on coordination of substance use disorder care, integration with primary care, especially with clients with chronic substance use disorders and interaction with the criminal justice system. 

  • From the point of screening, case management staff will engage with individuals to facilitate linkage to treatment providers.

Eligibility: Adolescent and adults residing in the metropolitan Bakersfield area referred by the Gateway Team upon completing screening for SUD services. Clients also need to be connected to a SUD provider as case management is not a stand alone service.

Recovery Services: The goal of recovery services is to emphasize individuals’ roles in managing their health, use of effective-management support strategies and how to organize internal and community resources to provide ongoing self-management support to individuals. 

Eligibility: Aftercare services for adolescent and adult individuals that have concluded their course of treatment and may be in need of continued support to maintain abstinence and recovery. Clients will have the opportunity to access the continuum of care quickly if the need arises. 

Services may include a combination of the following services:  

  • Outpatient counseling services

  • Recovery monitoring/coaching

  • Substance abuse assistance/peer to peer services

  • Relapse prevention

  • Connection to education and job skill resources

Connecting With Our Clients

Case management and recovery services can be delivered to clients in the following ways: 

  • In the office

  • By telephone 

  • In the field (client’s home, community settings, treatment provider sites, etc.) within zip codes 93301, 93304, 93305,93306,93307, 93308, 93309, 93311,93312, 93313 & 93314.

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