Family Advocacy

The Role of the Family Advocate
If a member of your family, significant other or close friend is suffering from mental illness, you can contact the Family Advocate for help.  The Family Advocate of Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services is the family’s link to assistance and navigation of the Kern County Mental Health System of Care.  A variety of services is available to help you navigate the mental health system.  The Family Advocate is a trained professional who can help you to support and assist your family member. 

The Family Advocate Can: 

  • Help families search for appropriate services as supporters

  • Advocates for families and helps families communicate with service providers

  • Offers suggestions and shares ideas regarding approaches to problems that arise 

  • Assists the family with complaints and concerns regarding mental health services 

  • Provides education for family members about 

      o Participation in treatment direction or discussion 
      o The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in
          Kern County


The Family Advocate CANNOT: 

  • Provide therapy services needed by an individual or by family members 

  • Release confidential information to family members without the client’s consent 

  • Make decisions for family members 

  • Force a family member receiving services to do anything against his or her will

  • Represent clients or family members in a court of law 

For more information about

 Family Advocacy services,

call  844-360-8250