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Family Advocate header with extended family

If a member of your family, significant other or close friend is suffering from mental illness, you can contact the Family Advocate for help. The Family Advocate of Kern Behavioral Health & Recovery Services is the family’s link to assistance and navigation of the Kern County Mental Health System of Care. A variety of services is available to help you navigate the mental health system. The Family Advocate is a trained professional who can help you to support and assist your family member. 

The Family Advocate CAN: 

  • Help families search for appropriate services as supporters

  • Advocates for families and helps families communicate with service providers

  • Offers suggestions and shares ideas regarding approaches to problems that arise 

  • Assists the family with complaints and concerns regarding mental health services 

  • Provides education for family members about 

      o Participation in treatment direction or discussion 
      o The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Kern County


The Family Advocate CANNOT: 

  • Provide therapy services needed by an individual or by family members 

  • Release confidential information to family members without the client’s consent 

  • Make decisions for family members 

  • Force a family member receiving services to do anything against his or her will

  • Represent clients or family members in a court of law 

For more information about  Family Advocacy services,

call  844-360-8250

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