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It’s scary to admit when you need help. The staff at Gateway understands that fear and will do everything  to make your first steps as easy as possible.

Get started by calling Gateway’s 24-hour Substance Use Disorder Access Line, staff will assess your individual needs and connect you to one of our providers as well as other local resources. 


Population served/who is eligible

Screening and placement services are available for self-referred individuals, misdemeanor probationers and parolees, CalWORKs, Child Protective Services, and felony probationers.

Treatment priority is given to the pregnant and/or parenting clients or applicants in the following order:

    1.  Pregnant injecting drug user

    2.  Pregnant drug users

    3.  Injecting drug users

    4.  All others


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Are you ready to start
substance use disorder treatment?

Can be provided:   

  • In the office

  • By telephone 

For more information, click here.

1401 L Street

Bakersfield, CA 93301

Find Substance Use Treatment Centers Near You

Use the map below to find service locations near you.  You can use the search bar and search by radius. Click on the location for more information and directions.

SUD Centers
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