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Happy Family

Our Mission

Ensuring families have the support they need is the cornerstone of our work. Our mission is to provide education, advocacy and encouragement for family members who are navigating the complex behavioral health systems to connect their loved ones to mental health and/or substance use services. Our team is made up of family caregivers who believe that families know their loved ones best and should be involved in their care. We want to amplify the  voices of families and bridge the communication between providers and families. 

Why Families Come to Us

According to the National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH), one in five adults experience mental illness in a given year. Despite the positive direction that public perception of mental health is heading, the stigma surrounding it is still causing some people to suffer in silence.  

At Kern FERC, we know first-hand that family members play a significant role in their loved one’s recovery and should be able to share beneficial information with the providers who are treating their loved one. Unfortunately, not all providers welcome caregivers to the table to hear how things are going at home.  

Where We Step In

Our team will help to  bridge this communication between providers and the families. We educate our families and work with providers so they can see their patient’s caregivers as allies, instead of adversaries. We also offer a holistic approach to working with our families.  

Family Bike Ride

Our Holistic Approach


Provide education so our families are well-informed about mental health diagnoses and treatment options 


Equip families to become stronger advocates with knowledge around HIPAA Laws and family/patient rights


Support caregivers’ well-being as peer-listeners to mitigate burn-out and strengthen their self-care

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